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Wenzhou, March 14 (Ye Xiaoxi, Yueqing reporter, Chengyao correspondent, Chen Xinao) a few days ago, Jiang Aifen, a Nantang man from Yueqing who had settled in Shaanxi for more than 20 years, arrived at Cangnan Longgang in a dusty way as soon as she returned to her hometown. This time, she wanted to find the benefactor who helped her tide over the difficulties 34 years ago and return the 50 yuan borrowed that year to this kind-hearted person, Mr. Wu Shizao

"50 yuan may not be worth mentioning today, but at that time, it was equivalent to my monthly salary, and it was my life-saving money in times of crisis." Jiang Aifen said. In 1982, Jiang Aifen, 19, opened a clothing store in Yueqing. Jiang Aifen had a relative who opened a clothing factory in Changzhi, Shanxi Province, and invited her to work at the end of that year

then, Jiang Aifen, you are not looking for the manufacturer to go to Shanxi with the more than 130 yuan raised by his parents. When she arrived at Zhengzhou railway station to change trains, she found her wallet stolen when she was preparing to buy tickets at the ticket window. Having lost her money, she could not go to Shanxi and even had a meal. "I was so anxious that I didn't know what to do." Jiang Aifen recalled that she had no choice but to hide in the corner of the railway station and cry alone

at that time, a young man came forward and asked her what happened. Sadly, she told the other party exactly. Without saying a word, the young man gave Jiang Aifen the little 50 yuan he had left. "At that time, my monthly salary was 50 yuan." Jiang Aifen said that the money was enough for her to reach her destination smoothly. Jiang Aifen asked the other party to leave the repayment address and agree on the repayment time. Mr. Wu wrote the repayment address on the note: shanghetou village, Yishan District, Cangnan County. "After looking at the repayment address he left, I realized that he was from Longgang, Cangnan, my hometown in Wenzhou, and his surname was Wu." Ms. Jiang said

Jiang Aifen has kept this small repayment note until now. She has been trying to find Mr. Wu and return the money for Henan manufacturing innovation center, which was identified as Henan high efficiency aluminum based new material innovation center led by Zhongfu industry. At the end of 1982, Jiang Aifen wrote a letter to Mr. Wu according to the repayment address. "I wrote in the letter that if you receive this letter, please reply to me and I will return the money to you immediately." Jiang Aifen said that she waited and waited, but she never received a reply

in the past 34 years, from leaving Shanxi to settling in Xi'an for more than 20 years, to returning to Taizhou husband's home, from unmarried and single to the mother of two sons, Jiang Aifen, who is over 50, has always hidden a desire to repay the money in her heart. In the summer of 2008, she once found Mr. Wu's home according to the address on the note, but the neighbor said that Mr. Wu had moved away for many years

"it has been my wish to repay this money for 34 years, and I can't forget it." Jiang Aifen said, "my family also supported me to find Mr. Wu and return the money to him."

"this year, I'm more than 50 years old, and Ningbo has launched the plan to build an international new material technology city. I want to keep running, and maybe I can find each other." With the support of her family, Jiang Aifen set out again to look for Mr. Wu. On March 10 this year, after turning to Cangnan County Public Security Bureau and Yishan police station, Jiang Aifen came to Longgang public security branch for help. The police finally contacted Mr. Wu Shizao through various channels, but he was in Chongqing at this time

at the other end, after learning that Jiang Aifen had been trying to find him to pay back the money face-to-face for many years, Wu Shizao smiled and said, "Ms. Jiang is really very intentional. In fact, this is a small thing, which was just a small effort in those days." Over the years, Wu Shizao has been engaged in the printing business in Chongqing. "It's not easy for Wenzhou people to work outside. Everyone is a fellow townsman. It's natural that they can help each other. Please don't take Ms. Jiang too seriously." Wu Shizao said

Jiang Aifen repeatedly expressed her wish to see Mr. Wu again and express her gratitude. "I want to return the money to him face-to-face at the end of this year, and thank him for his kind act. Although 50 yuan is very small, its integrity is priceless."

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