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The development of coating industry puts forward higher requirements for coating equipment manufacturers

in recent years, China's coating industry has maintained high-speed growth and the continuous renewal of product varieties, which makes the coating equipment industry also maintain the momentum of rapid development. Before the 1990s, there were only a few coating equipment enterprises in China, such as Chongqing Chemical Machinery Factory and Shanghai coating machinery factory. In recent decades, great changes have taken place in China's coating equipment industry. The vast majority of the demand for coating equipment in China's coating industry can be met by Chinese coating equipment enterprises. For example, domestic basket grinders have been widely used in China, and have been successfully imported and exported to many countries. China's horizontal sand mills have developed to the third generation, and have greatly improved in efficiency, stability and applicability. The world's largest coating companies are also consciously cultivating high-level Chinese equipment suppliers to achieve localization and reduce overall costs

the rapid development and change of the whole industry, on the one hand, has created a lot of opportunities, on the other hand, it also means more challenges. The number of small coating enterprises that use movable open containers (usually referred to as cylinder pulling) and small deployments of "2+26" cities to disperse, mix and develop the peak production power of cement, electrolytic aluminum, coke and other industries in autumn and winter for small batch production with grinding equipment can not keep growing, and it can be expected that a new round of reshuffle will appear in the market. For domestic and international large-scale coating enterprises, reducing pollution, improving production efficiency, using more automated equipment, reducing labor costs and accident probability, and producing products with higher added value have become the focus of competition. This requires Chinese coating equipment suppliers to make corresponding changes with the changes in customer needs and come up with better solutions

but it is concentrated in the production of environmentally friendly, efficient and automated coatings 2 It is a general consensus that it is difficult to achieve greater development by relying on low-cost and homogeneous products in the paint equipment market environment in recent years. Technicians hope that the coating production line can integrate the preparation of raw materials with feeding, dispersion, grinding, paint mixing, material transportation, filtration, filling, temperature control and automatic control system to realize the closed, continuous, efficient and automatic production of coatings

preparation and feeding of raw materials

for paint factories that use single machine equipment and cylinder drawing production, the preparation and feeding of raw materials are usually manual. However, the closed and automatic coating production line should include perfect raw material preparation and feeding methods

generally, the storage and transportation of powder is the most difficult link to achieve airtightness and automation, which puzzles the vast majority of Chinese coating manufacturers and equipment manufacturers

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