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The development of corrugated box industry should be synchronized with GDP to create a strong carton industry

China is a large corrugated box production country, but not a strong country. The United States, Japan and some European countries are both major corrugated box producers and powerful countries in the world. The ambitious goal of China's corrugated box industry is to move from a large corrugated box industry to a powerful country

China's corrugated paper industry and even the retrogression of the road to a strong country should not only learn from the model of a strong country, but also create a model of a strong country with Chinese characteristics. The combination of the two modes is the way to strengthen China's corrugated box industry. Therefore, we should study the gap between China and the United States, Japan and Europe

the United States, Japan and Europe have spent more than half a century on the road of corrugated box industrialization, creating a strong country in the corrugated box industry. China's corrugated box production has begun to enter industrialization. In today's era, although it does not need a long time to become a powerful country like the United States, Japan and Europe, it will not be three to five years to catch up with the powerful country, and it will take ten years or even longer to ascend to the throne of a powerful country. Haste makes waste

the United States, Japan and some European countries are strong countries in the corrugated box industry, and their development is quite stable. China is a big country in corrugated box industry, which is childish and blind

there is little difference between the growth rate of U.S. GDP and the growth rate of carton industry, and it develops steadily. For example, the GDP growth rate of the United States is 1%, and some related terms of the corrugated box industry pressure increasing experimental machine explain automatic control: the whole experimental process is controlled by computer, and the long speed is 1.2% to 1.3%

the European carton market is even more calm, with an average annual growth rate of 2% to 3%

since 1995 of the last century, China's GDP has been developing at a sustained high speed, with an average annual growth rate of 8% to 9%, while China's corrugated box industry has an average annual growth rate of 18% to 20% in the same period. This is super high speed. The growth rate of corrugated box industry has significantly exceeded the GDP growth rate every year. Everyone is rushing to set up factories and busy on the production line. The more carton factories are set up, the more production lines are set up, and the products are surplus every year. After three to five years, everyone feels headache. Supply exceeds demand in the whole market, which is 3 to 1. As a result, the operation was insufficient, the average startup rate was about 35%, and the profit decreased significantly

corrugated box production lines in the United States have increased and decreased. The increase or decrease of the production line is adjusted according to the needs of the market

the corrugated box production line in China is rocketing up. In 1995 of the 20th century, China began to promote production lines, reaching 3000 in 2003 of the 21st century, and 3500 to 4000 corrugated paper production lines in 2004. China's total production line is more than three times that of the United States, Japan and Europe. Experts believe that the grade of corrugated paper production line in China is much lower than that in the United States, Japan and Europe, but according to the actual needs of the Chinese market, it is 2/3 more

there were 1291 carton manufacturers in Europe in 1997 of the last century, including 449 cardboard manufacturers, accounting for 37.4%, and 742 carton processing manufacturers, accounting for 57.4%. This proportion is very normal. About 70% of the manufacturers produce cardboard and make cartons, and about 30% of the manufacturers provide cardboard to carton factories. Such division of labor is very reasonable, and each has its own place

China's economically and carton relatively developed regions have begun the division of labor of "centralized board making and decentralized box making". However, there are few large factories producing paperboard and too many small factories processing cartons, which is 1:1. How did this situation happen? Because there are too many manufacturers of cardboard, in order to make the production line "full", they compete for small factories and desperately supply cardboard to small factories. In this way, small carton factories are everywhere, and the more small factories are run, the smaller they are. At the same time, people in the cardboard factory went out to run a carton factory as the boss. The manufacturers of cardboard make fewer and fewer cartons, and the profit space is getting smaller and smaller, resulting in zero profit. In this way, the market has formed a vicious circle

the experience of the world's corrugated box industry power and the lessons of the world's corrugated box industry power have eloquently proved that the carton manufacturing industry of a country or region must develop synchronously with the GDP of the country or region where it is located

the manufacturing industry in the United States deserves our attention. From the 1980s to 1990s, a large number of American products were outsourced to China, such as toys, shoes, clothing, home appliances, computers, etc., which were processed by China and then exported to the United States. As a result, China has become the "world factory" of the United States. The Chinese economy of the world factory is restricted by the American manufacturing industry, which also directly affects China's carton manufacturing industry

the carton manufacturing industry in the United States works by itself, importing a large amount of base paper from abroad, processing cartons and then exporting them abroad, so that the development of cartons in the United States remains balanced for a long time. This is a mature veteran of carton power, and then open the oil return valve, that is, scientific development

China's consumption of steel, chemical fertilizers, televisions, refrigerators, personal computers, rice and wheat has surpassed that of the United States, becoming the world's largest consumer. But we are not a developed country. The GDP of the United States accounts for 35.5% of the world GDP, while that of China accounts for only 10.9% of the world GDP. Therefore, the economy of the United States often affects the world economy and also restricts the economy of China. The United States had 660 corrugated paper production lines in 2003. In the same year, China had 3000 corrugated paper production lines, several times more than the total production lines of the United States, Japan and Europe. What does this mean? The excessive number of production lines does not mean that our carton machining capacity is strong. On the contrary, it is a serious waste, exposing our blind behavior, not scientific development

there are drawbacks in our industry. In the period of planned economy, unification will die; If we turn to a market economy, we will be in chaos as soon as we let it go. This shows that our industry has not yet established a perfect development system. The provincial government of market economy has issued the administrative measures for the identification of chemical industry parks in Shandong Province. If there is no modern scientific management, disorderly development will inevitably lead to market chaos

the young Chinese market economy has provided a platform for the development of China's carton manufacturing industry. We have paid a high and painful price on the road from a world carton producing country to a powerful country. However, we firmly believe that the ideal of China's corrugated box as a world power will be realized

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