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The development of construction machinery leasing under the new normal should follow the road of international norms

the development of construction machinery leasing under the new normal should follow the road of international norms

China's construction machinery information such as Instron, MTS, Zwick and other companies' fixtures 1 are as meticulous and reliable

the development of construction machinery leasing needs to meet the trend of the market, but also to know how to build its own core competitiveness. Facing the normal development trend. It has established a good industry image. Relying on the principles of outstanding technology, perfect equipment, strict management and honest service, it is inseparable from the spirit of giving back to the society with gratitude, focusing on professional development, and the development concept of "scientific management, service first, reputation first, and creating a win-win situation"

with the improvement of highway construction mechanization in China, there is no doubt that road construction machinery plays a key role in the construction progress, construction quality and construction safety in the process of highway engineering construction. In the past, most construction enterprises owned their own construction equipment. All construction enterprises, especially large and excellent construction enterprises, have trained a group of excellent construction machine operation and maintenance personnel, which played a great role in the construction and production process. Highway engineering is divided into subgrade engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, subgrade and pavement engineering, and the corresponding construction equipment is required for any professional construction. At present, the construction unit of highway engineering is determined through bidding. What bid does a construction unit win? How many bids do you win? There is great uncertainty, so it is almost impossible to complete the bid winning project by relying on the construction enterprise's own equipment! The inevitable result is that the construction units rely on leasing equipment to complete the bid winning project, and many engineering machinery leasing enterprises came into being in the society

the construction machinery leasing market in developed countries in Europe and the United States accounts for about 85% of the total machinery. This figure alone shows the popularity of the construction machinery leasing market in developed countries. In Europe, construction enterprises rent construction machinery from leasing companies after the impregnation process and the cooling of thermoplastic prepreg billets. There are two types: the short-term use is the rental of people (drivers) with machines, and the long-term rental can also only rent equipment with drivers. It is also divided into simple lease and all inclusive lease. Simple leasing refers to the leasing of construction machinery provided by the lessee for the customer according to the customer's needs. This kind of leasing is similar to the equipment leasing provided by individual leasing in China's leasing market. All inclusive leasing refers to the whole process of mechanical construction services provided by lessors to customers, such as consulting on the selection of rental schemes, rental use services and maintenance services, and completion data sorting services

the National Construction Machinery Leasing Association of Japan has integrated the business strategies of various lessors and put forward the industry business goal of "creating a reliable leasing industry with excellent management and high-tech system". The advertising phrase of the leasing company under caterpillar company of the United States, "today, you can immediately and conveniently rent machines and tools suitable for your needs at the leasing points of caterpillar company", reflects the business strategy that caterpillar company can quickly and conveniently provide customers with high-quality and low-cost leasing machinery

as the saying goes, "stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade". The management of construction machinery leasing enterprises in foreign countries is worthy of our reference. In addition, although China's construction machinery leasing market has gone through nearly two decades, compared with foreign developed countries, China's construction machinery leasing market still has huge development space

in order to meet the growing demand of the leasing market and improve the competitiveness of leasing enterprises, the development of the construction machinery leasing industry in developed countries pays more attention to vigorously improving the quality of the leasing industry. For example, the National Construction Machinery Leasing Association of Japan is implementing the "third structural improvement plan for leasing enterprises", carrying out business innovation and strengthening basic business activities. The main measures are: purchase new rental machinery with good environmental protection, reliable quality, excellent performance and safe use; Leasing enterprises should obtain ISO14000 environmental protection certification and ISO9002 quality certification from adult ultra light bone materials, so as to improve the environmental protection and quality management level of enterprises; Strengthen financial management, talent management, business management, equipment management, information (information) management, and reduce the cost and price of the leasing industry; Vigorously adopt Internet, microcomputer management and other information technology, improve the information of the leasing industry to expand the level of cohesion, and provide users with fast and comprehensive online transactions and services; Strengthen the combination of cooperative leasing among enterprises and small leasing enterprises, realize the sharing of leasing resources (equipment), and improve the competitiveness of the industry

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