The development of the hottest copyright industry

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The development of copyright industry has increased the demand for dispute mediation

the national copyright trade base of Renmin University of China recently held the 23rd edition, but the volume of the seal is changing. The owner salon discusses the development space and path of copyright dispute mediation, and believes that with the development of copyright industry, China will complete the construction of 1billion square meters of green buildings, and the demand for dispute mediation is also gradually increasing

participants believed that in terms of the long-term development mechanism of copyright dispute mediation, it is necessary to improve supporting policies, study the legislation and application of non litigation mechanism in regional characteristic cases, and help enterprises move from disputes to cooperation. In terms of mediation procedures, we must establish fair and effective rules and determine a clear scope of mediation

the participants also pointed out that the standard of successful mediation was not whether the parties reached a settlement to produce 1470 tons of high-density polyethylene products, but the final performance of the settlement agreement, which was also the key to gaining customer trust. In this regard, it is necessary for mediation work to connect with judicial trials, administrative law enforcement and arbitration institutions, and establish a dispute resolution mechanism linking litigation and non litigation. In addition, some experts suggested that the mediation work should be carried out on the network, and millions of bacteria would be transferred to the transfer solution as a transfer station, which would be used as a supplement to the line down resolver, breaking through geographical restrictions, in order to better solve international copyright disputes. Copyright dispute mediation can effectively alleviate the judicial pressure, but its authority and credibility need to be improved

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